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Dr. Coco, passionate monkey and enthusiastic chemist, and his assistant Mr. Bright live in a small wooden hut in the middle of the Caribbean. They met each other during a walk on the beach in 2012, when Coco was hunched over the palm trees, he saw something lying in the sand. Driven by his curiosity, he dared a closer look to the unknown object and spotted Mr. Bright. He lay there soberly, watching the clouds, when as if by magic, a coconut fell on his face. It instantly burst, causing the coconut water to spread over his entire face. A very funny sight, as Dr. Coco still likes to tell. This event was the birth of COCOBRIGHT. The doctor, on closer inspection, found that two teeth were suddenly much whiter than the others, which were not hit by the coconut water. Immediately, Coco came up with an idea, grabbed his new friend Mr. Bright by the hand and took him to his lab. The two researched day and night to create a product that everyone would love. The development time for the product ran at phases of varying intensity in addition to the daily tasks that a monkey has to cope with. It took 2 years until the product was fully developed and Coco's high requirements were met. Thanks to this breakthrough invention, it is now possible for everyone to start the day with a bright white smile.  


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Our History

The story - how it all began!

  • 2013

    Dr. Coco and Mr. Bright got to know each other durin a walk on the beach in the Caribbean. Together they made THE discovery that will change the world (of the smile) ...

  • 2014

    The two researched day and night to develop the perfect product for whiter teeth.

  • 2015

    COCOBRIGHT saw the light of day for the first time and is being manufactured according to the high standards of Dr. Coco.

  • 2016

    COCOBRIGHT is ready to be dispatched and starts to conjure an irresistible smile onto the faces of the world.

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