Tooth whitening with oil pulling

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What is "oil pulling"?
Oil Pulling is the latest trend among the beauty junkies - and deservedly so!
It is an Ayurvedic classic, which has been used in Indian folk medicine for thousands of years. As the name suggests, our bodies / mouths are to be deprived of harmful substances by the oil. Numerous different kinds of bacteria live in our mouth, not all of them healthy, the oil pulling can be regarded as a kind of oral hygiene.
The bacteria in our mouth create a "biofilm" on our teeth, known to us as "plaque". A small amount of dental plaque on our teeth is perfectly normal, but too much can lead to all kinds of problems - mouth odor, yellow teeth, gum inflammation and tooth decay.
The oil pull ensures that the harmful bacteria are stuck in the oil. Consequently, it is also important that the oil is not to be swallowed after rinsing. In this way, the polluted substances would be re-added to the body. With COCOBRIGHT, we have developed the perfect dosage for you to make a comfortable use possible. The biggest advantage, compared to conventional oil extraction, is our taste. According to experience reports, it is very difficult for most testers to keep the usual oil in the mouth for 10-15 minutes. After long research, a product was finally created that makes the application, because of its extremely pleasant taste, a lot easier. Since a bright white smile always starts with a healthy and clean mouth, COCOBRIGHT is the right choice!

Oil Pulling - What benefits does this cure have?

In addition to the advantages for our teeth and mouth hygine, the Oil Pulling offers numerous additional advantages.
It is said to have a positive effect on headache, bronchitis, influenza infections and stomach problems.
Do something good for your body, so that your soul will feel right at home!

About the coconut

Learn more about the little wonders of the palm tree ...


The fruit thrives on the coconut trees in the coastal regions of South and Central America, Africa, Asia, the Polynesian and Hawaiian islands. For thousands of years the inhabitants of theses tropical paradises have been using the variety a conconut has to offer. They have become indispensable for their diet.

But does this turn the coconut into a small MIRACLE? We think so!

The fruit of the coconut trees is a true all-rounder.
Due to its fat, protein and vitamins, it strengthens the immune system, favors a healthy cardiovascular system, contributes to fat burning, promotes beautiful skin and hair, provides a lot of energy and power for the brain.
So, go get to the coconuts!

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