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The efficacy of oil pulling has been proven
zahnaufhellung expertenmeinung

Dr. Michelle Hurlbutt, assistant dentist for dental hygiene at Loma Linda University in southern California, has discovered that the bacteria associated with caries are reduced by the oil pull with coconut oil; a decrease in bacteria in the double-digit range was observed.

When the test persons in the small group stopped oilpulling, the number of harmful bacteria increased again. 

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Oil pulling - a simple method for the treatment of periodontal disease

An easy-to-use and inexpensive method for treating gum infections is self-treatment with oil.
This so-called "oil-pulling" method has been known from Ayurveda for 4000 years. It promotes detoxification, cleansing and inflammation inhibition in the body via the oral mucous membranes.

Thus, harmful oral germs and inflammations can be treated safely and gently. To ease simple alterations (also to support implantation and bone formation), the morning application is sufficient before brushing your teeth.

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Oil pulling helps for many ailments

The following list of complaints, which is certainly not complete, shows ailments for which oil pulling (partly only experiences) can have a particularly positive effect:
• Gum inflammation and periodontal disease
• Toothache
• Mouth odor
• Xerostomia
• Cracked lips
• Headache
• Bronchitis and influenza infections





Center of health

Oil pulling is an uncomplicated method for daily detoxification. Oil pulling has a particularly positive effect on tooth and mouth health. It helps against gum bleeding and mouth odor, strengthens loose teeth, reduces dental plaque, combats caries and makes teeth become white again. Traditionally oil extraction is also a holistic therapy for many other diseases. Successful reports with the oil pull are for numerous complaints - from arthritis over migraines to heart diseases.

In a study from the year 2007, a significant improvement of the present gingival inflammation as well as a clear reduction of dental plaques were already apparent after 45 days of daily oil pulling.
Another study from 2008 came to a similarly positive results. The oil pulling reduced the number of caries causing bacteria by 10 to over 30 percent within 40 days.
Half of the subjects, who were previously highly susceptible to tooth decay, afterwards were switched to the "moderate for caries" category. The other half was only "lowly susceptible to caries" after the oil extraction course.


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